Before and After
June 29, 2013

Battled through injury, self-doubt, and depression. I turned to food for comfort and what I found was more heartache. A never ending cycle of “eating because I was sad and sad because I was eating.” I had to find peace and comfort in my faith in God, He shaped my life.


No matter what adversity, you have in your life, you can be transcendent over it with God by your side and you can accomplish all things. Thank you all who believed in, encouraged, motivated and prayed for me! I thank you for you compassion and care! Now I am going in confident to #UFC162 with all I had to work through!


“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Philippians 4:13


Let’s go!!!



  • Pete

    How how much time did you take to transform? I can’t imagine the discipline you had to go through all that training.

  • ghost rider

    good evening … is could someone write what needs to be done as it was done by Mark Munoz …

  • ghost rider

    I’d also need to melt the fat from the entire body, but I do not know how, with whom and whether to take exercises that preparations

    • Leonard

      Not sure where Munoz gets his nutritional planning but I know a lot of people have had success on the Dolce Diet. There is a simple book of recipes and exercises and a good community surrounding it. Give it a Google, has done good for a lot of people.

    • yooo

      read the article on mma fighting about the weight loss. Also I reccomend that you do weightlifting and sprints for cardio. And stay away from carbs unless post workout! My suggestions

      • ghost rider

        greeting right you can give me a couple of links where it says

        Poslano s mog iPhone uređaja

        1. 7. 2013., u 16:31, “Disqus” napisao:

  • Alfred

    Praise Galactus !

  • t

    for all you guys that wanna know what he did for his transformation you need to understand that going from fat to shredded when you were already shredded a year ago is HUNDREDS of times easier than going from fat to shredded if you were never in shape. Its kinda like riding a bike, once you get back in the gym you will regain your old form relatively quickly. if you were never in shape and are fat it will take you years to do what he did in a few months. go to the gym now and stop putting that shit off, having a great body takes work and dedication and the sooner you start the sooner you will have it.

    • Carl

      I totally agree with this post.. He is just like a bodybuilder from his off season to pre-contest stage..

  • AbecX

    Nice to see mark hunt move to middleweight

  • ghost rider

    come on, please, help me, you gave me at least give you some links to look at

  • Daks

    nice too see you back in shape Mark!

  • jr

    nice work, Mark!!! kick some ass at 162!!!!

  • asdf

    Jesus did it!

  • Michael Heard

    This is amazing, and I’m very impressed by this. Wish you the best for your next fight

  • Ver

    Great transformation, Mark! Best wishes on your fight this coming weekend! I hope to see a kabayan to win again in UFC. God bless!

  • jtreynol

    Glad to see you getting your health and confidence back. Best of luck to you. Thanks for posting man.

  • George Ordonez

    I’ve seen similar results from people doing the Transformation Kit from Body By Vi while exercising. People like Ray Lewis, Hulk Hogan, Will Smith, Steve Harvey have all recently endorsed it as well, which should say something. (My shameless plug :) ) If you want to find out any info, go to and watch the video. Or Google it if you don’t believe me that it works…It’s the WORLD’S LARGEST Health and Nutrition company…that says a lot too!

    • George Ordonez

      PS…I was 285 lbs and within 12 months, I’m 220 lbs. I lost 43 lbs in 9 months before diet and exercise and just doing the shakes and lost 22 in the last 90 days by adding exercise while putting on lean muscle.

  • Patrick

    I started the same trek in Jan 2013 myself weighing 275 and today weighed in at 210 by doing light weight reps 45 min and 60 min eliptical 5 days a week. I eat whatever I want not exceeding 1700 calories per day. I could’ve done better had I eaten a better diet. I’m 47 and have 2 artificial hips so I obviously feel that anyone can do it if they want it bad enough.


    Amazing Transformation!!! With the strength of God all things are possible. God Bless You and Good Luck to you and all the UFC fighters

  • Austin

    Great Job MM making Vallejo, CA proud!

  • ClaytonT

    I’m dealing with going from “Fat” to FATTER!!! I was shredded before, but won’t get there again unless I have some nutritional guidance. I’m dealing with an aging metabolism (I’m in my late 40′s).

  • Boks Dela Paz

    Great post, shows how professional fighters are not so different from ordinary folks like the rest of us.

    And on the flip side with God on your side, with enough dedication, effort and passion, we can be extra ordinary!

  • RRoc

    Amen, brother…Keep up the good work and stay strong in the Lord.

  • Nate

    strength and power isn’t what mark lacks. its stamina and cardio. he runs out of gas pretty quickly, in my opinion. if he can make up for it, he can be the best in his weight category.

  • Claudia

    I miss the family! So glad to hear something about you Mark! (I was the short girl from Mr. Pickle’s) I’ll be rooting for you for this upcoming fight! Good luck! (Tell Ashley I said “hi!” and that I miss making her tuna melts…and the cute bull she has!)

  • Damaso

    Great Job! What an inspiration.

  • i want $ to fight

    i wouldnt be scared of boetsch….munoz by knockout

  • Zilla Killa

    I Have always been a big guy big framed not fat i didnt think so when i was younger but that was just lack of confidence i am 40 years old with a number of health issues including prostate cancer i recently decided to change my way of eating and admited my addiction to food and yes just like Mark i suffered from depression and food was my comfort, With that being said i have been joging and eating different everyday for the past 2 weeks and it feels great i am by far a work out expert or guru but i do know like anything else in life it takes a true commitment i cant afford a gym at the moment and that was always my reason for not working out even when i was employed and had the money to do it,, Thank You Mark Munoz for the inspiration God Bless You my brother

  • Sergio

    Congrats Mark……continued blessings dude

  • Nate Williams

    Awesome work .. it’s great you put your experience out there … a lot of people go through it and it’s makes you feel better when you know you are not alone.

  • Desmond L. Diaz-Renshi

    Reading this is very inspiring. Im 32, and 5’7”, 228. Been battling weight for a few years. We have a similar build(your before build). I am also a martial artist on the US martial arts team, looking to compete at the world games next summer. I would like to drop down to 185 myself, so if you could offer any tips, advice or ideas, id sure be open to them. My knees are feeling the effects already, and i want to be able to move as fast as i used to. Help! Contact me at

  • Bonee Jaye

    Guys, it is clear that this Filipino Wrecking Machine go beyond the impossibilities because He Trusted God…that is a living Testimony….

    “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13 -

    Keep It Up Sir Mark… you are prayed…

    Bonee Jaye- proud to be a Filipino

  • jerick

    My inspiration! Sir Mark give us some body building tips and diet plans! ;) thank you and God speed!

  • edwin arca

    the kind of will I would like to practice…determination, belief in god, will, and spirit….