June 7, 2013

Oh man.  Tough to predict this one.  Both Minotauro and Werdum are good fighters.  Tell me, who are your picks to win?

February 4, 2012

I’ll be watching UFC 143 at Mandalay tonight.  Let me know how Nonito is doing on Twitter though.  I got Diaz, Werdum, Pierce, Jorgensen, and Herman to win it for UFC 143.  And NONITO DONAIRE, JR. and Chavez, Jr. for boxing.  LABAN!  

October 27, 2011

It’s a small world when MMA fighters train with the best.  Mark Munoz talks about professionalism in his gym, Reign Training Center. Posted by: TEAM MUNOZ

March 25, 2011

Spend the Day with Some of Your Favorite MMA Fighters! Get Original Autographs, Watch Martial Arts Demos, Win Raffles & Giveaways, Play a Game of Poker with MMA Pros, and have dinner from Bonehead’s Restaurant.  Then enjoy fight night at Reign Training Center.  Watch UFC Fight Night 24 with us!